Jackall Deraspin 3/8oz Spinnerbait


A compact spinnerbait designed for getting results while you are out fishing on the water.

Product Specs


The Jackall Deraspin is a lure that was born as a compact spinner bait for enjoying numbers of fish in a high pressured environment that can be encountered these days. The Deraspin is fitted with a discerning Indiana-shaped blade that the “small silhouette with big waves and flash” that bass likes can be produced. The clear vibration that you feel at hand shakes the skirt and is accompanied by a large flushing on the surface with a large area. Furthermore, as a trump card for trigger bite, feathers are attached to the hooks to camouflage the existence of the hooks. It also contributes to bite rate. Spinnerbait snaggless taking advantage of the performance, because the riot was boldly use even around obstacles, extremely bite and finished with a lot of spinnerbait.