Jackall Super Squirrel 115 Hank Tune Silent


With the popularity of the 79mm Squirrel, it’s been our project for a couple of years now to design a larger version of the lure. Look the same, feel the same, only with a larger profile. We also wanted the lure to cast further on heavy barramundi gear and dive deeper. We’ve now finished our design and research and come up with a 115mm squirrel that weighs around 21grms and dives to approx 4 metres.

Product Specs


Jackall have incorporated the same tight shimmy vibrating action and stability on the twitch of the 79mm squirrel in the larger model.

Although the lure looks similar to the smash minnow it has a different vibration and dives deeper.


  • Terminals to specifically suit Big fish (barramundi)
  • Super strong hook hangers.
  • Owner Hyperwire 50lb split rings
  • Owner STX58 hooks – #1 & #2. Strong, light an have a super sharp point for more positive hookups.