Molix Trago 65 Spyblade


It was designed by the B.A.S.S. champion Mike Iaconelli. The Molix Trago 65 Spyblade was developed to be a unique and newly designed spybait, which differs from any others of its class for the hybrid body made of ABS and metal. This Metal Blade Body concept developed by Molix accentuates the transmission of the vibrations generated by the propellers to the whole structure and emits flashes during movement.

Product Specs


The special custom-tailored stainless steel propellers allow the lure to jump into action as soon as it touches the water. The balance of the body enhances the shimmy action both in the fall and in the recovery, making it highly effective on suspended and suspicious fish. Equipped with chemically sharpened treble hooks for excellent hookset in all conditions.