Mustad Big Red Hooks


The octopus hook is a super strong hook ideal for snapper baits such as pilchards, squid, crabs and the like, but the big red improves this hook by being coloured red to hide better in the bait.

The strength of this pattern makes it ideal for powerful fish where heavier lines are needed and wary eyes are watching.

A beaked point with Ultra-Point finish means everything hooked will stay that way and the reversed eye allows a variety of rigging options including snelling, sliding and standard rigging.

Product Specs

HP92554NPNR6 Pre-pack Big Red 6 12
HP92554NPNR4 Pre-pack Big Red 4 12
HP92554NPNR2 Pre-pack Big Red 2 12
HP92554NPNR1 Pre-pack Big Red 1 12
HP92554NPNR1/0 Pre-pack Big Red 1/0 8
HP92554NPNR2/0 Pre-pack Big Red 2/0 8
HP92554NPNR3/0 Pre-pack Big Red 3/0 8
HP92554NPNR4/0 Pre-pack Big Red 4/0 7
HP92554NPNR5/0 Pre-pack Big Red 5/0 6
HP92554NPNR6/0 Pre-pack Big Red 6/0 5
HP92554NPNR7/0 Pre-pack Big Red 7/0 5
HP92554NPNR8/0 Pre-pack Big Red 8/0 3
H92554NPNR2 Box Big Red 2 50
H92554NPNR1 Box Big Red 1 50
H92554NPNR1/0 Box Big Red 1/0 25
H92554NPNR2/0 Box Big Red 2/0 25
H92554NPNR3/0 Box Big Red 3/0 25
H92554NPNR4/0 Box Big Red 4/0 25
H92554NPNR5/0 Box Big Red 5/0 25
H92554NPNR6/0 Box Big Red 6/0 25
H92554NPNR7/0 Box Big Red 7/0 25
H92554NPNR8/0 Box Big Red 8/0 25