Mustad Fine Worm Hooks


The Mustad 32813 Fine Worm is a purpose-specific designed hook for anglers who fish worms. The Extra Long Shank and the location of the two baitholder slices right near the eye on either side of the shank give these hooks their ability to present worm baits perfectly.

Product Specs

HP32813NPBLM10Pre-pack Fine Worm 1013
HP32813NPBLM8Pre-pack Fine Worm 813
HP32813NPBLM6Pre-pack Fine Worm 613
HP32813NPBLM4Pre-pack Fine Worm 413
HP32813NPBLM2Pre-pack Fine Worm 213
HP32813NPBLM1/0Pre-pack Fine Worm 1/010

A straight pattern hook point that is finished with the pateneted Mustad Ultra Point finish that provides up to 30% more strength, means these hooks are ready to take on the challenge straight from the packet.

A classic Aberdeen pattern, the Fine Worm is a brilliant example of Mustad’s design team producing a hook that is perfect for its task.