Mustad Ganged Hook 3 Sets


The range of Mustad Pre-Ganged Hooks covers many situations where larger baits require good hook coverage. Ganged hooks have been a favourite of anglers fishing the surf and from boats for years and Mustad offers these anglers pre-ganged rigs ready to go.

Product Specs

HG3420031/0Mustad Ganged 4200 hooks, 3 x 1/03
HG3420032/0Mustad Ganged 4200 hooks, 3 x 2/03
HG3420033/0Mustad Ganged 4200 hooks, 3 x 3/03
HG3420034/0Mustad Ganged 4200 hooks, 3 x 4/03
HG3420035/0Mustad Ganged 4200 hooks, 3 x 5/03

Three styles are in the range that include standard ganged hooks with 3 or 4 hooks, deluxe gangs (swivel on top) and swivel linked gangs.

Each packet comes with three sets of gangs meaning you’ll be ready to go when you hit the water without the hassle of having to gang your own.