Mustad Long Baitholder Hooks


The Mustad 92647NPBLN is a classic long baitholder pattern with two bait-holding slices along the back. Finished in a black nickel treatment, the long baitholder has a beaked hooked point for secure hook ups and an offset hook point to get better hook penetration from timid fish.



Product Specs

HP92647NPBLN8Pre-pack Long Baitholder10
HP92647NPBLN6Pre-pack Long Baitholder10
HP92647NPBLN4Pre-pack Long Baitholder10
HP92647NPBLN2Pre-pack Long Baitholder10
HP92647NPBLN1Pre-pack Long Baitholder10
HP92647NPBLN1/0Pre-pack Long Baitholder7
HP92647NPBLN2/0Pre-pack Long Baitholder7
HP92647NPBLN3/0Pre-pack Long Baitholder6
HP92647NPBLN4/0Pre-pack Long Baitholder5