Nashys Custom Lures 180mm Floating Stickbait


Nashy’s Custom Lures are resin based lures designed and hand made in Australia.

This 180mm floating stickbait is a super versatile lure that can be used anywhere around Australia, Whether fishing from the rocks or boat this lure will defiantly be one you want in the tackle box,, tuna, mackerel, giant trevally, kingfish, cobia. Best thing about a Nashy’s Custom is they are so easy to use and hold in the water really well even a novice angler will swim this lure and have great results.

Product Specs


Nashy’s Custom Lures start with a straight through wire and internal weights and then the rigid foam core, Next is a 2mm solid epoxy shell that is cured under pressure for ultimate strength, this is the perfect base to create some magic. Once painted and stickered another 3 coats of epoxy are then applied to finish off the lure.