Nomad Riptide Flouro Coated Clear Mono Leader – Clearance


Nomad Design Riptide Leader is a fluorocarbon coated monofilament leader that gives anglers the ultimate in abrasion resistance while retaining maximum knot strength plus the flexibility of monofilament leader.

Product Specs


It is extremely hard to tie an FG knot in 100% fluorocarbon, plus it is expensive in heavier sizes, however the abrasion resistance of fluorocarbon is great. Straight mono is easy to tie knots with, but lacks the abrasion resistance we needed fishing around coral reefs. This is where Riptide Leader was born, taking the knot tying suppleness of mono leader and matching it with a fluorocarbon coating to ensure the ultimate abrasion resistance. It results in a leader that is easy to use, but can cope with the roughest treatment on the reef or rocks. Riptide Leader is ideal for lure casting, jigging and trolling and has been tested and proven on the toughest fish in the ocean!