Nomad Squidtrex 130 Vibe 130mm – 92g


The Squidtrex is a world first in fishing tackle. Never before has there been a vibrating lure, with the design of a Squid that has both the action and durability to tackle big fish! This lure has a realistic swimming action like no other.

Product Specs

Squidtrex 9595mm32gUp to 40mSinking – Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist #1Casting – Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 110110mm52gUp to 50mSinking – Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 1/0Casting – Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 130130mm92gUp to 70mSinking – Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 3/0Casting – Vertical Jigging
Squidtrex 150150mm128gUp to 100mSinking – Max VibrationBKK Twin Assist 4/0Casting – Vertical Jigging

The Squidtrex can be fished vertically like a jig or cast and retrieved like a vibe. With a body design that sinks fast without spinning, vibrates hard on the lift and has enticing tentacles that come alive at the slightest flick of the rod tip. The Squidtrex can be fished at almost any speed from fast jigging to dead sticking. The Squidtrex is built tough with Gorilla Through Wire construction, durable TPE material, rigged with heavy duty twin assist hooks and comes squid scented for extra bite appeal.

  • Available in 4 sizes and 8 colours including UV glow finishes.
  • Internal weight system for fast sinking for deeper water methods.
  • Crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds.
  • Strong & durable – soft TPE construction.
  • Heavy duty through wire construction & heavy gauge hooks.