Ocean’s Legacy Genesis Heavy Rock Addiction


Ocean’s Legacy Genesis land based game rods are the pinnacle series for serious anglers targeting monsters amidst the most aggressive shoreline terrains. These blanks have been reinforced with Cross Carbon Design for running heavy drags to fatigue the target species quickly.

Product Specs

GNS-S1002MSpin10’0″PE 5.0 MAX60 – 120G2Fuji DPS 20Fuji S/S KW SIC
GNS-S972MHSpin9’7″PE 6.0 MAX80 – 150G2Fuji DPS 20Fuji S/S KW SIC
GNS-S932HSpin9’3″PE 8.0 MAX100 – 200G2Fuji DPS 20Fuji S/S KW SIC

The custom blanks use only the best Japanese Toray graphite to ensure lightness, strength and long term durability. Built with the highest quality Fuji KW stainless steel SIC guides to ensure minimum line resistance, maximum castability and fastest heat dispersion.

This series of rods have been tested by Gido’s Fishing Adventures through the harsh terrains of the Western Australian coast, landing monster samson, yellowtail king, blue grouper and snappers.