Okuma Sabiki Livie Rod


Designed for jigging sabiki rigs when gathering bait, with the design allowing the rig to be wound inside the rod to minimise snagging and tangling when not in use, the Okuma Sabiki UTG rod has been designed from the ground up to overcome the shortcomings of other sabiki rods that have been pointed out to us by frustrated anglers.

Product Specs


A slight increase in length allows more brands of jigs to be wound completely inside the rod, while the slimmer design increases the action of the rod and in turn the fish catching action of the jig.

Designed to be used with either spin or overhead reels, the Sabiki UTG is a two-piece design for easy storage, with a butt join rather than the traditional join above the bottom-line guide that can make line feeding difficult and cause snagging of swivels on sabiki jigs. The tip of the Sabiki UTG is also uniquely designed to remove the snagging that occurs both on the outside of the tip and internally where the tip joins the rod blank on traditional sabiki rods. Keep your sabiki jigs tangle free, securely stowed, and ready to go with the Okuma Sabiki UTG rod.

Product Features:

– Reduces tangles and simplifies sabiki storage

– Improved design features

– Two-piece design with butt join

– Additional length to suit more sabiki jig brands

– Quality components and eva grips