Owner STX58TN Treble Hooks


The new STX-58 treble features a new type of wire that is 20% stronger than the high carbon steel currently used in all Owner Hooks.  This new ZO-WIRE™ helps create hooks that are smaller in diameter, yet stronger and harder than ever before.  The single most important characteristic for hook penetration is the wire diameter.  ZO-WIRE™ hooks are stronger per wire diameter than any hook on the market.  The hardness of ZO-WIRE™ makes the point almost indestructible. Standard length, straight slightly curved in super needle points, and corrosion resistant vacuum tin finish.

Product Specs

STX58TN # 68
STX58TN # 48
STX58TN # 27
STX58TN # 16
STX58TN 1/06
STX58TN 2/06
STX58TN 3/05
  • Taff Wire Material
  • Light Weight
  • 10% Stronger Than Standard Carbon Wire Steel
  • 5% Thinner the Standard ST Hooks
  • Excellent Hook Pentation
  • Slightly Curved-in Hook Points