Penn Slammer Rod


The Slammer® name needs little introduction in saltwater circles, developing a cult following for being synonymous with bulletproof strength and lasting the distance no matter the
conditions. Now Slammer® appears on a PENN® rod range, representing the next generation of high performance sportfishing rods, with powerful, lightweight blanks combining with renowned Slammer® durability.

Product Specs

SLAMMER 731ML PE 1-1.5Medium LightPE 1-1.57’3″110-40GFuji KRubber Butt
SLAMMER 792M PE 1-2MediumPE 1-27’9″210-50GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 721MH PE 2Medium HeavyPE 27’2″120-60GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 611MH PE 2-4Medium HeavyPE 2-46’1″140-150GFuji KEVA Butt
SLAMMER 762MH PE 2-4Medium HeavyPE 2-47’6″240-80GFuji KEVA Butt
SLAMMER 591MH PE 3-5Medium HeavyPE 3-55’9″1100-250GFuji KRubber Butt
SLAMMER 922H PE 3-5HeavyPE 3-59’2″240-100GFuji KEVA Butt
SLAMMER 792H PE 4-6HeavyPE 4-67’9″250-120GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 832XXH PE 5-8Extra Extra HeavyPE 5-88’3″2Max 200GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 561XH PE 5-8Extra HeavyPE 5-85’6″1150-300GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 7112XXH PE 10Extra Extra HeavyPE 107’11”2Max 300GFuji KRubber Gimbal Butt
SLAMMER 531XH PE 10Extra HeavyPE 105’3″1250-400GFuji KRubber Butt

The range is also equipped with tangle-free Fuji® K frame guides containing SiC inserts, Fuji® reel seats, and contoured high density EVA grips for a technical, sensitive, and premium finish.

PENN® employs two different blank construction methods in Slammer® rods, optimising the graphite depending on whether a jigging or casting model. For jigging, PENN®’s RCB²
construction comes into play, consisting of a rolled composite core and outer layers of
longitudinal glass to provide a lightweight, thin, and parabolic blank that flexes from grip to tip, distributing weight for extra durability. These parabolic blanks offer sought after
durability, balance, and recoil anglers need to work jigs in areas ranging from reef structures to suspended schools of fish in both shallow and deep-water environments.

For casting, PENN®’s SLC² blanks are employed, comprised of inner spiral carbon wraps and outer layers of longitudinal carbon fibers to provide an extremely strong, yet balanced rod. These highly sensitive yet durable blanks provide excellent casting as well as the perfect action required to work various lures in both inshore and offshore environments.


  • RCB² blank construction (technique optimised blanks for jigging models)
  • SLC² blank construction (technique optimised blanks for casting models)
  • Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guides with SiC inserts and stainless steel frames
  • Lightweight Fuji® graphite reel seat with superior strength
  • Contoured high density EVA grips for better sensitivity & ergonomics
  • Durable rubber gimbal (select models)
  • Custom aluminium lock ring for secure reel fit