Platypus Hollow Core X16 Braid 100 Metre White


Platypus HC-X16 is a hollow core, 16-carrier braid that is perfect for making seamless connections, used in wind-on leaders and spliced connections.

Product Specs

40lb0.20mm100m White
60lb0.25mm100m White
80lb0.30mm100m White
100lb0.40mm100m White
150lb0.50mm100m White
250lb0.65mm100m White
300lb0.80mm100m White
375lb0.90mm100m White
550lb1.05mm100m White
40lb0.20mm1000m White
60lb0.25mm1000m White
80lb0.30mm1000m White
100lb0.40mm1000m White
150lb0.50mm1000m White
250lb0.65mm1000m White
300lb0.80mm1000m White
375lb0.90mm1000m White
550lb1.05mm1000m White

Available in breaking strains to suit various bluewater and gamefishing applications, HC-X16 Hollow Core Braid covers breaking strains from 40lb up to 550lb.
With this braid, heavy main line and leaders can be connected knot free, allowing for smooth movement through roller guides at the critical stages of a fight with large game fish.