Berkley Powerbait 3.5″ Champ Minnow Plastics


The new 3.5” PowerBait Forktail Minnow perfectly impersonates a small bait fish. Rigged on a light jig head, it has an erratic darting action that fish can’t resist! It features a natural fork tail outline and a V-shaped body cross section making it easy to rig and swim like its alive. In testing the PowerBait Fork Tail Minnow has proven deadly on species such as bream, bass, and flathead. The Forktail Minnow works exceptionally well when it’s left to sink seductively through the water column close to structure. Predators see it as a wounded baitfish and don’t hesitate to attack. When it’s PowerBait you just know that fish will bite and hang on 18 times longer!

Product Specs

  • Forktail shaped profile
  • V-Shaped body cross section
  • Erratic darting action
  • Available in six colours
  • Built in the proven PowerBait formula