Rapala Crush City The Jerk 3.75” Plastics


Introducing the brand new Rapala Crush City Soft Plastics range. This forked-tail jerk minnow takes the baitfish profile to the next level. With inbuilt details and a forked-tail that quivers with the slightest amount of current or rod twitch, The Jerk will produce the results. Awarded the best soft lure award at the Annual AFTA fishing tackle trade show in 2023

Product Specs


Made from Super T.P.E. material and infused with both salt and baitfish scent increasing its appeal to predators. The Jerk has been designed to dart and twitch during the retrieve using a standard VMC Brawler Jighead.

Representing a small fleeing or distressed baitfish, The Jerk will work in both fresh and saltwater conditions and the twitchy erratic action is one the predators cannot refuse.

  • 3.75”
  • 7 pieces per pack
  • Baitfish Scent
  • Great range of Australian inspired colours.