Rapala Flash-X Skitter Lure


Built to soar and skitter, the Flash-X Skitter perfectly mimics one of the most hunted saltwater baitfish in the ocean – the needlefish. The tapered prism design creates impressive flash above and below the water while also acting as a keel to improve stability during a high-speed retrieve, keeping the head up.

Product Specs

FXSK22Topwater22 cm33 gNo. 4 & 2

Cast it out and crank it fast to send it skittering across the surface like an escaping fish that no predator can resist. A wired-through construction ensures that this lure is built to withstand big fish and strong drag pressure.


  • Designed for Long Casting Distance
  • For Saltwater Predators
  • For Aggressive Retrieves
  • Floating
  • Skittering Topwater Swimming Action
  • Durable Wire-Through Construction
  • Lead-Free
  • Plastic Body with Metallized Coating for Extreme Flash
  • Unique Prismatic Design
  • Premium VMC® 7556 3X Treble Hooks