Samaki Archer Rod


The Archer is a compact range that hits the nail on the head with design and componentry. The Archer is beautifully crafted, using crisp matte Toray Carbon Fibre blanks that transmit the slightest of bites. New Fuji Fazlite guides, carbon locking rings with gold trim detail enhance the high end look and effect.


Product Specs

SAR-691SXLSpin6’9”1Extra Light2-6 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-692SXLSpin6’9”2Extra Light2-6 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-6111SLSpin6’11”1Light4-8 lb1/16 – 3/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-6112SLSpin6’11”2Light4-8 lb1/16 – 3/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-722SLSpin7’2”2Light4-8 lb1/16 – 3/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701SMSpin7’0”1Medium6-12 lb1/4 – 3/4 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701SMHSpin7’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb1/4 – 5/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701SHSpin7’0”1Heavy10-20 lb3/8 – 1 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701SXHSpin7’0”1Extra Heavy15-30 lb5/8 – 1 1/2 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-601BMHCast6’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb1/4 – 5/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701BMHCast7’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb1/4 – 5/8 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-701BHCast7’0”1Heavy10-20 lb1/4 – 1 ozFuji Fazlite
SAR-621BHCast6’2”1Heavy10-20 lb3/8 – 1 ozFuji Fazlite


Composite AA Cork and Ultra Hard EVA grips are chiselled to perfectly slip into the palm of your hand and become an extension of your arm and body – providing an errorless casting action.

Starting with an extra light 6’9 2-6lb spin designed for the finesse fisherman targeting bream and trout. While the light 6’11 4-8lb spin  being the ultimate all-round estuary rod targeting bream and flathead, to freshwater impoundment species like Bass and Yellowbelly. Our medium, heavy and extra heavy 7’0” spin models are designed for inshore plastics or throwing slugs at pelagic’s.

Casting options range from the new 7’0” medium heavy 10-17lb suited to big rubbers and vibes. To the 6’0’ medium heavy and heavy models are great for summer Murray Cod through to saltwater Barra and Mangrove Jacks. There’s no doubt about it, when you meet Archer….. you’ll have a momentous experience.

  • Fuji K Fazlite Guides
  • Premium Toray Carbon Fibre Blanks
  • AA Cork / Ultra Hard EVA Grips
  • Gold Anodized Trim Detail