Samaki C-12 V3 Rod


Samaki introduces the new C-12 V3 series, offering the finest and lightest C-12 V3 range of rods ever! Samaki’s NEW 40 tonne honey-comb weave prepreg blanks offer the ultimate casting experience, thanks to its amazing weight to strength ratio.


Product Specs

SC-701SXLSpin7’0”1Extra Light3-8 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji SIC
SC-702SXLSpin7’0”2Extra Light3-8 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji SIC
SC-701SLSpin7’0”1Light4-8 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji SIC
SC-702SLSpin7’0”2Light4-8 lb1/32 – 5/16 ozFuji SIC
SC-701SMSpin7’0”1Medium6-12 lb3/16 – 5/8 ozFuji SIC
SC-702SMSpin7’0”2Medium6-12 lb3/16 – 5/8 ozFuji SIC
SC-701SMHSpin7’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb7/16 – 3/4 ozFuji SIC
SC-702SMHSpin7’0”2Medium Heavy10-17 lb7/16 – 3/4 ozFuji SIC
SC-701SHSpin7’0”1Heavy10-20 lb3/8 – 1 ozFuji SIC
SC-681BMLCast6’8”1Medium Light6-12 lb3/16 – 1/2 ozFuji SIC
SC-681BMCast6’8”1Medium8-14 lb3/16 – 5/8 ozFuji SIC
SC-601BMHCast6’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb1/4 – 5/8 ozFuji SIC
SC-701BMHCast7’0”1Medium Heavy10-17 lb1/4 – 5/8 ozFuji SIC
SC-681BHCast6’8”1Heavy12-20 lb3/8 – 1 ozFuji SIC


Featuring ultra-light Fuji K & LKW silicon guides demand absolute precision casting. Perfectly tapered cork grips slip into the palm of your hand enhancing the lightweight sensation at arm’s length, while its decadent gold trim make the C-12 V3 a delight to watch when in full action. The C-12 V3 range offers a punchy range targeted at a variety of fishing applications from spin to cast models in a large line up of sizes.

With 5 bait-cast models in the range we begin with the 6’8” 6-12 lb rod ideal throwing spinner baits and hard bodies for Bass and Yellowbelly in the freshwater scene, with a 6’8” medium model designed for football jigs or light Barra, then jumping into the 3 heavier models we have a 6’0” traditional Barra baitcaster and two exciting longer lengths the 7’0” medium heavy predominantly designed for chucking Vibelicious at Barramundi and a 6’8” heavy brute stick for impoundment barra.

  • Fuji KW & LKW Sic Guides
  • Fuji TVS & VSS Reel Seats on Spin models
  • Fuji SK & PTS Reel Seat on Baitcast models
  • Intricate light and powerful blanks
  • 4 Axis Japanese Toray Carbon
  • All blanks developed in Australia
  • Custom Super Hard EVA Grips
  • Chameleon Premium Trim
  • Superior HEXA Locking Rings