Samaki Hardlicious 75MM/8G


We’ve been waiting for these to drop for some time and after 3 years of R&D by the innovation nerds at Samaki, they are finally here. Introducing the Hardlicious range of hard vibes, these will be dynamite in all conditions for a huge variety of species. If you are fond of the Vibelicious soft vibes in the Samaki product stable, you need to give these a crack.

Product Specs



  • Full ABS construction
  • Interchangable tails – fork and paddle supplied
  • Premium Japanese made Decoy split rings
  • Premium Decoy YS-81 trebles
  • 12 incredibly realistic colours
  • Available in 3 sizes, 75mm (8 grams), 95mm (13 grams) and 110mm (20 grams)
  • Airpocket embedded into the body to facilitate a slow, straight drop and really hit those fish that are shut down