Samaki Zing Xtreme V3 Rods


Designed for anglers who demand the ultimate in performance, discover the Samaki Zing Xtreme V3. Crafted with advanced carbon blank technology, this rod delivers unparalleled lightness and strength, setting the standard in performance angling. Enjoy precision casting with Premium Fuji K Alconite Guides, and lock in performance with top-of-the-line Fuji Reel Seats. Complete with a minimalist ash-coloured EVA grip and sleek silver highlights, it offers a compelling balance of design and capability.

Product Specs

SZX-701SXL-MFSpin7’0″1Mod Fast3-8lb1/16 – 1/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SL-EFSpin7’0″1Extra Fast4-8lb1/16 – 3/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-702SL-EFSpin7’0″2Extra Fast4-8lb1/16 – 3/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-742SL-MFSpin7’4″2Mod Fast3-8lb1/16 – 3/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-762SXL-EFSpin7’6″2Extra Fast2-8lb1/32 – 1/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SM-FSpin7’0″1Fast6-12lb3/16 – 5/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-702SM-FSpin7’0″2Fast6-12lb3/16 – 5/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SMH-FSpin7’0″1Fast10-17lb7/16 – 3/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-661SMH-MFSpin6’6″1Mod Fast10-17lb7/16 – 3/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SH-FSpin7’0″1Fast12-25lb3/8 – 1 1/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SXH-FSpin7’0″1Fast15-30lb5/8 – 1 1/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-762SXH-FSpin7’6″2Fast15-30lb5/8 – 1 1/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701SXXH-FSpin7’0″1Fast20-40lb3/4 – 2ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-541BMH-FSpin5’4″1Fast10-17lb3/8 – 7/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-601BM-FSpin6’0″1Fast8-14lb1/4 – 5/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-601BMH-FSpin6’0″1Fast10-17lb1/4 – 5/8ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-601BH-FSpin6’0″1Fast12-20lb3/8 – 1ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-661BM-FSpin6’6″1Fast6-12lb3/16 – 1/2ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-661BMH-FSpin6’6″1Fast10-17lb1/4 – 3/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-661BH-FSpin6’6″1Fast12-20lb3/8 – 1ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-701BMH-FCast7’0″1Fast10-17lb1/4 -3/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-742BMH-MFCast7’4″2Mod Fast10-17lb3/8 – 3/4ozFuji K Alconite
SZX-742BH-MFCast7’4″2Mod Fast15-30lb5/8 – 2ozFuji K Alconite


  • Fuji Guides & Reel Seats
  • CrossCore Wrap Construction
  • Carbon Locking Rings