Prolure SF62 Floating 62mm Pencil Lure


The Pro Lure SF62 pencil is a floating, slim, baitfish profile lure. A finesse lure, it was designed specifically for a more subtle surface presentation. Come the summer months, when the Bream and Bass are enjoying prowling the shallows and hanging close to the surface, the SF62 Pencil comes into its own. Fishing the SF 62 is incredibly exciting because you can usually see exactly what’s going on from the moment you start the retrieve. Often there is great anticipation as you see several fish milling around just beneath lure. Most of the time, you will get to see the strike, which is always very thrilling.

Product Specs


While designed specifically for Bream and Bass, any estuary or river species that is hitting surface baitfish are worth targeting with the SF62 Pencil


TYPE – Surface pencil, finesse baitfish profile

LENGTH – 62mm

WEIGHT – 3.4g

DEPTH – Surface

BUOYANCY – Floating

HOOKS Decoy Y-s25 Size 12