Shimano Kairiki 4 Carrier 150m Orange Braid


Kairiki 4 utilises the same VT Construction Method of braiding technology as Kairiki 8. Featuring four carriers, the new tight weave construction is created by applying high tension at opposing directions during the braiding process. The fibre is weaved evenly at all angles, resulting in a smoother finish and a reduced diameter. This low stretch, long casting braid is an excellent choice for finesse fishing, where smoothness, sensitivity and castability is fundamental. Kairiki 4 is available from PE 0.6 (6lb) to PE 5 (50lb) in 150m and 300m spools, in the all new Hi-Vis Orange colour.

Product Specs

SKF15006O6lb1500.06ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE .6 (6lb) X 150M
SKF15008O8lb1500.1ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE .8 (8lb) X 150M
SKF15010O10lb1500.13ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE 1 (10lb) X 150M
SKF15015O15lb1500.16ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE 1.2 (15lb) X 150M
SKF15020O20lb1500.2ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE 2 (20lb) X 150M
SKF15030O30lb1500.23ORANGEKAIRIKI 4 BRAIDED LINE PE 3 (30lb) X 150M
  • Made In Japan
  • 4 Strand Carrier Braid
  • VT Construction
  • Improved Casting Performance
  • Super Smooth
  • High Sensitivity
  • Low Stretch