Shimano Ocea Jigger LD Overhead Reel


Designed for the enthusiast angler seeking the ultimate challenge, this reel introduces a ground-breaking 30% reduction in rotational torque, courtesy of the innovative double-drag structure. Say goodbye to the limitations of conventional lever drags and embrace a new era of control and power.

Product Specs

2500MG5.7206903-670, 4-500, 5-4001078/1
2500HG6.2206903-670, 4-500, 5-4001178/1

Unleash the Ocea Jigger LD in the pursuit of giants like Kingfish and Nannygai. This reel not only meets but exceeds the demands of battling large fish, offering a maximum drag of 20 kg an extraordinary force in such a compact body. The Ocea Jigger LD outperforms even larger reels, ensuring a seamless fishing experience.

Dive into the meticulous design philosophy, where weight reduction meets rigidity and durability. The drive gear sheds 12g, and the handle knob’s 12% increase enhances operability while maintaining a lightweight profile. The Ocea Jigger LD is crafted for comfortable gripping and handling, embodying the essence of precision jigging.

Customization takes centre stage with the Ocea Jigger LD. The interchangeable drag cams allow anglers to tailor the reel to their preferences, smoothly transitioning between drag forces for various fishing scenarios. From battling giants in deep seas to targeting mid-depth table fish that need to be pulled from their home, this reel adapts effortlessly.

Join the league of jigging enthusiasts who have embraced the Ocea Jigger LD as more than a reel but an art form. Conquer giants, master the depths, and redefine your jigging experience with the Ocea Jigger LD.



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