Shimano Taipan Rods


The Shimano Taipan has become a renowned, hard-wearing, and dependable range of fibreglass rods. The latest Taipan series features upgraded Fuji O guides, Fuji reel seats and Graphite Integrated Fibreglass Tip (G.I.F.T) blank construction to increase performance and keep the weight down. The Taipan range offers great versatility and affordability with rods available across several lengths and line weights to match your fishing style. The new Taipan line-up features fresh cosmetics and specialised lure and bait fishing models to cover a wide range of fish and techniques.

Product Specs

21TP1203SURFSpin3.6612’0”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA3
21TP401BC3-6Baitcast1.214’0”3-6FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP401SP3-6Spin1.214’0”3-6FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP510OHGOOverhead1.785’10”10-24FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP51SPGOSpin1.785’10”10-24FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP561BC6-8Baitcast1.685’6”6-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP561SPMSpin1.685’6”4-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP601OH6-10Overhead1.836’0”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP601SPHSpin1.836’0”10-20FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP601SSLSpin1.836’0”6-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP602SPSpin1.836’0”2-4FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP602SPMSpin1.836’0”3-6FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP641SPGOSpin1.936’4”3-6FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP661OHMOverhead1.986’6”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP661SNPRXHSpin1.986’6”6-12FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP661SPXHSpin1.986’6”15-24FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP662SPSpin1.986’6”2-4FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP682SPSpin2.036’8”3-5FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP701ESTSpin2.137’0”3-6FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP701SNPRHSpin2.137’0”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP701SNPRMSpin2.137’0”5-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP701SSLSpin2.137’0”6-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP702ESTSpin2.137’0”2-4FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP721SSNPRSpin2.187’2”8-12FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA1
21TP722SNPRLSpin2.187’2”4-8FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP762SNPRSpin2.297’6”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2
21TP802GPSpin2.448’0”6-10FUJI O GUIDEFUJI / EVA2