Shimano Zodias Travel Rods


The Zodias series has undergone a significant upgrade and now features Shimano’s exclusive carbon monocoque butt for the ultimate in sensitivity and finesse. Now featuring a travel range to match, the Zodias travel series come with Hi Power X Blanks and FUJI Stainless Steel K Guides with Alconite + SiC Tip Inserts. Available in both baitcast and light spin options this will suit all traveling anglers.

Product Specs

5’8″ MEDIUM LIGHT BAITCAST5’8″1.73F41025-153/16-1/2
6’6″ MEDIUM LIGHT BAITCAST6’6″1.98F51075-153/16-1/2
6’10” MEDIUM BAITCAST6’10”2.08F51207-211/4-3/4
7’2″ MEDIUM HEAVY BAITCAST7’2″2.18F513210-303/8-1
6’4″ LIGHT SPIN6’4″1.93F51053-103/32-3/8
6’8″ MEDIUM LIGHT SPIN6’8″2.03F51104-121/8-7/16
7’0″ MEDIUM SPIN7’0″2.13RF51155-153/16-1/2