I-Catch Slimy Slayer Bait Jigs


The I Catch Sabiki Slimy Slayer Bait Jig is the ultimate pre made rig for catching Slimy Mackerel ready to simply tie on and use straight from the packet.

Product Specs


These Bait jigs are made to high standards and a go to jig for bait gathering inshore and offshore. Featuring oversized lumo beads and reflective tail strands and made with tough 30lb and 50lb monofilament these jigs have a great life span.

The I catch Sabiki Slimy Slayer Bait jigs are ready to attach and use and only need a lead weight attached. These jigs are built strong enough to use heavy weights for use in deep offshore waters.

  • Strong 30lb And 50lb Mono
  • Oversized Lumo Beads
  • Reflective Lumo Strands
  • Larger Hooks Suited To Slimy Mackerel
  • Available In Various Sizes
  • Strong Crane Swivel
  • Ready To Use Straight From The Packet
  • Suitable For Inshore And Offshore Use