Small Nomad Vertrex Vibe Pack


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Here’s a cracking little Nomad Vibe Swim Pack which is perfect for anglers fishing the estuary or light inshore. Absolute dynamite on all your flathead, bream, school jew and snapper, there’s 9 lures in total in this awesome pack with a great mix of colours.

Product Specs


The Vertrex Swim (pat. pending) is a unique Nomad designed swimming soft Vibe bait. It is the first lure of its kind that swims naturally when sinking and vibrates when lifted creating an irresistible combination for any species. The Vertrex Swim is typically fished in shallower water in lower current situations. The Vertrex Swim is NOT a bait that you can simply straight retrieve.  There is a specific lift and pause technique that needs to be used with this bait for maximum effectiveness and this can be seen on many of our Vertrex Swim YouTube tutorial clips.