Superflex 7 Strand 1×7 Wire – 10 Metres


Superflex 7-Strand, stainless wire is a flexible wire that is very fine in diameter for it’s rated break strain. This is our most popular wire leader material for all general bait & lure fishing – particularly for Mackerel, Wahoo, Reef fish and small sharks. Best connection is achieved with Superflex Single Leader Sleeves using the Superflex Deluxe Tool.

Product Specs

62SF1018SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL18LB0.21#1SILVER10MTS9312961034453
62SF1027SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL27LB0.3#1SILVER10MTS9312961034460
62SF1040SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL40LB0.39#2SILVER10MTS9312961034477
62SF1060SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL60LB0.45#2SILVER10MTS9312961034484
62SF1090SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL90LB0.57#3SILVER10MTS9312961034491
62SF10135SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL135LB0.69#4SILVER10MTS9312961034507
62SF10170SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL170LB0.81#5SILVER10MTS9312961034514
62SF10250SUPERFLEX 1X7 10M SPOOL250LB1.05#7SILVER10MTS9312961037553