Tackle Tactics Split Foam Tackle Tray


Perfect for keeping hard bodies, vibes, blades, and jigheads dry and protected. crafted from UV-stabilized, impact-resistant plastic and featuring safe locking tabs to stop unintentional spillage. Deep slots in high density foam inserts keep hooks firmly in place and prevent lures from tangling and clanging away. The lids of shallow trays can be fully removed or opened from either side thanks to locking hinges on both sides of the lid.

Product Specs


There are four sizes available: extra large (deep), big (normal), medium (shallow), and tiny (shallow). Jigheads, small blades, and vibes work well with shallow trays; larger jigheads, vibes, and hard bodies work well with large trays; large plastics, stickbaits, and swimbaits work well with the deep extra large tray.