Tiemco Soft Shell Tiny Cicada


Much like its bigger brother, the iconic Soft Shell Cicada, this smaller version is super realistic with its ever so famous, soft foam body construction. The difference between the two apart from the size, is the soft shell tiny has a number of synthetic legs which give it a different more subtle action compared to the bigger winged version.

Product Specs


Bass, Estuary Perch and Bream just can’t get enough of these in the estuaries, while trout absolutely love them. This lure can be slow rolled back, but is really in its element fished nice and slow with lots of pauses. The soft durable foam body lands softly and quietly on the water while the synthetic legs pulsate with every twitch of the rod. Allow it to sit in the strike zone and hold on. It won’t be long before the soft shell tiny gets crash tackled by an angry hungry predator.

LENGTH: 34mm


TYPE: Foam Floating