Turner Tackle Ringer Swivels Live Bait Qty 25


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Ringer Swivels have been designed to resolve the flaws of circle hooks when live bait or skip baiting for game fish, The swivel and O-ring design allows for the hook to rotate independently of the bait for better bait presentation and hook-up rates, The O-Ring allows for a fast attachment to a variety of circle hooks sizes.



Product Specs


The Live Ringer Swivels have been designed to fit the industry standard #8 UV Bands (not included). NO MORE stressed and worn out baits being dragged sideways in a stiff current or rough seas, rigged with a Ringer Swivel the bait is able to freely rotate independently of the hook, resulting in a healthier more natural swimming bait presentation. These have the same strong O-Ring as the Size #1 Ringer Swivel and are typically used with thin wire 6/0-9/0 circle hooks.

  • Allows The Hook To Rotate From The Bait
  • Small Swivel Design To Minimise Interference Of Hook-ups
  • Simply Attach The Hook Through The O-Ring