Varivas Fluorocarbon Shock Leader – 30 Metres


Product Specs

JAFS gauge #lb.Diameter
Gou #Classinchmm
2.510 lb0.010 in0.26 mm
312 lb0.011 in0.29 mm
416 lb0.013 in0.33 mm
520 lb0.015 in0.37 mm
725 lb0.017 in0.44 mm
830 lb0.019 in0.48 mm
1035 lb0.020 in0.52 mm
1240 lb0.022 in0.57 mm
1450 lb0.025 in0.63 mm
1860 lb0.028 in0.70 mm
2070 lb0.029 in0.74 mm
2280 lb0.031 in0.78 mm
30100 lb0.035 in0.88 mm
40130 lb0.041 in1.05 mm


  • All purpose Fluorocarbon shock leader available in a wide range of sizes.
  • VARIVAS proprietary Non-Stress (NON) coating, coupled with VARIVAS Super Tough (SP-T) coating, delivers the perfect balance of low-stretch and ultra-high sensitivity for superior lure control.
  • Parallel-rolled, 30-meter spool.
  • Includes convenient, colored spool band.
  • Color: Natural Clear