Varivas Nylon Shock Leader – 50 Metres


Varivas Nylon Shock Leader is an All-purpose premium nylon shock leader in a wide range of sizes. Optimally balanced tensile strength. Superb knot-strength. Excellent casting. 50-meter spool. Including a convenient spool band.

Product Specs

JAFS gauge #lb.Diameter
Gou Numberinchmm
520 lb.0.0146 in0.37 mm
725 lb.0.0171 in0.435 mm
830 lb.0.0185 in0.47 mm
1240 lb.0.0224 in0.57 mm
1450 lb.0.0244 in0.62 mm
1860 lb.0.0276 in0.7 mm
2280 lb.0.0307 in0.78 mm
30100 lb.0.0358 in0.91 mm
35130 lb.0.0388 in0.985 mm
50170 lb.0.0461 in1.17 mm


  • VARIVAS all-purpose, premium Nylon shock leader
  • Optimally balanced tensile strength
  • Superb knot-strength
  • Excellent casting
  • Length:  50 meters
  • Available is a wide range of lb sizes
  • Includes convenient spool band
  • Color:  Misty Gray