Venom Ocean Warrior Slow Fall Jig 90x Rods


Aussie designed and built in Australia, the Venom Ocean Warrior Slow Fall series has been designed to fish jigs from 80g right up to 900g in 50m of water out to 500 or more Metres! There are two ranges within the series, the 60x and the 90x. all rods in both ranges are overheads and include a full Fuji fit out that sees purpose-specific guides and reel seats used to ensure the rod’s components perform as well as the brilliant venom blank.

Product Specs

RVSF2Venom 90X Slow Fall Jig 2OverheadPE 219060-200g
RVSF4Venom 90X Slow Fall Jig 4OverheadPE 3190100-300g
RVSF5Venom 90X Slow Fall Jig 5OverheadPE 3.5190200-400g
RVSF7Venom 90X Slow Fall Jig 7OverheadPE 5190500-900g

The OCEAN WARRIOR 90X SLOW FALL is a built for purpose slow fall jigging range of four rods. The 90x range uses an ultra-high modulus Venom blank to give slow fall jigs the perfect action while giving anglers the brute strength Venom rods are known for to ensure big, deepwater beasts can be wrangled from the depths. The 90x range extends the species list from pearl perch, kingfish and amberjack in close, to true deepwater species like bar cod, alfonsino and flame snapper out wide.

A brilliant new range of Aussie designed and Aussie-built Venom rods that includes dedicated slow fall jig rods and cross-over rods that will give anglers some serious punching power when it matters.