Nomad Vertrex Max Vibe – 150mm – 102 Gram


Maximum vibration and maximum depth are what the Vertrex Max is all about. The deep body profile combined with finely tuned internal weights delivers a soft vibration bait that sinks level and does not spin when sinking. This allows you to get down to the fish faster and allows a more lifelike presentation when you get there.

Product Specs

 LENGTH 150mm / 6″
 WEIGHT 102g / 3 3/5oz
 DEPTH Up to 80m / 260ft
 USES Casting / Vertical Jigging
 LOCATION Inshore / Offshore

The Vertrex Max has HUGE vibration when lifted and it can be fished with a fast lift or a very slow lift. If you are new to “vibing” then the Max is a great place to start. It is ideally suited to slightly deeper applications over 2.4m / 8ft of water and can be used to great effect in high current situations as well as slow current. The Vertrex Max sinks 2X faster than the Vertrex Swim model.