Vex Bassin Fodder Swim Head 3/16oz


These high quality jigs are designed by an Australian for Aussie Species. An awesome bait for Bass, Golden Perch, Estuary Perch, Bream and much more!

Product Specs


Featuring the 7 bristle weed guard for a higher hookup rate and a long silicone skirt for customisable trimming to your liking. They are purpose built with a 2/0 Mustard Ultra Point hook size to ensure the fish can get it in its’ mouth, again allowing a higher hookup rate. Boasting matte UV painted jig heads.

Hop, pause and slow roll the jig over and through structure to entice a bite. Try giving the jig a shake on the pause to tempt a shut down bite and hold on!!! 

Available in four weights and five colours that work!