Vexed Bottom Meat Deluxe 150gm


The team at Vexed have created the Bottom Meat Deluxe this is the first Hybrid Jig/bait system of its kind in the world. It’s designed for bait and lure fishos wanting to have mix the best of both together and increase your catch while out on the water,

Product Specs


The Vexed Bottom Meat Deluxe is a great crossover concept mixing lure and bait fishing together simply bait up the hooks with a long strip of fish flesh, squid, octopus leg, pilchard or whole fish and send it to the bottom this design is great for any depth of water, The Bottom Meat Deluxe is fitted with super sharp hooks, Japanese assist cord and stainless rings. It now also has a Vexed super stretchy, high intensity glowing scented Occy Head Skirt with a burst of UV flash.