Vexed Bottom Sack 250gm

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The VEXED BOTTOM SACK has taken 3 years of planning and testing to get it perfect, and like the VEXED BOTTOM MEAT, it will revolutionise fishing for demersal reef species.

Product Specs


This super stretchy, durable fishy piñata sack can be stretched open and filled with either chopped up fish flesh, baitfish, squid, octopus or a whole fish. Once the Bottom Sack is filled, it can be plugged with a Vexed Occy Head Skirt for even more squid looking presence. The bleeding oily sack will attract fish from ledges away and the more the fish bite it, the more bait will be released from the perforations until the big daddy see’s the commotion, knocks the small fish away and swallows the lot. The BOTTOM SACK comes rigged with a Vexed DHU BOMB HEAD in a range of high intensity UV/GLOW. ASSISTS NOT INCLUDED