Yamashita EGI OH F 3.5 Squid Jigs


New release range of Yamashita Egi OH F Squid Jig’s developed as an entry level price point in the brands range. Narrowed down to proven squid catching colours, these jigs will do the job out on the water.

Product Specs


Size 2.5 37903-(colour) Weight: 10g Sink speed: 5.0 sec / m

Size 3.0 37904-(colour) Weight: 15g Sink speed: 3.5 sec / m

Size 3.5 37905-(colour) Weight: 20g Sink speed: 3.0 sec / m


Glow Body – every colour has a full glow body.

Transparent Body – every colour has a transparent body with no tape (foil).  The black colour is painted.

La-me cloth – a shiny pearlescent cloth is used on colours F001 to F016

Natural cloth – a smooth and silky cloth is used on colours F017 to F022