Zerek Affinity Evolution Series Swimbait 160mm 41g Lure


The versatile S-shaped swimming action allows the Affinity 160 to be worked in a variety of ways, Especially wit h the half crank technique where anglers impart pauses between winds. This gives the lure a realistic gliding action as the natural floating buoyancy drifts the lure towards the surface,

Product Specs

Zerek Affinity 160 Floating160mm41g/49g9

Included with the lure is an optional add-on weight of 8g that transforms the floating Affinity 160 into a sinking swimbait. Attach the weight by inserting it into the front slot and turning it into its correct orientation. Twist the chin eyelet to lock the weight in place. This weight allows the Affinity 160 to be fished at virtually any depth, however anglers can also add extra weight onto the chin eyelet to achieve a faster sink rate to reach deeper predators.

At 160mm long and weighing 41g without the weight and 49g with the weight, the Affinity 160 is initially available in 9 colours to attract species as varied as Murray cod, trout, barramundi and flathead – in fact there are few bigger predators that will not smash this bite-sized swimbait!