Balista ShakinBait 180mm Swimbait


The Balista ShakinBait is our latest creation it’s a 180mm Swimbait designed specifically for targeting massive Murray Cod. The ShakinBait features advanced electronics with a rechargeable battery, Balista’s patented ultra dark LED technology and a looped vibrating motor, this makes the ShakinBait truly unique. Our ultra dark LED is deliberately designed to be only be seen at night time.

Product Specs


The interchangeable bib gives you flexibility never previously seen in a Swimbait. One of the problems of when you cast and retrieve any other Swimbait is that when you’re retrieving the Swimbait will pull up and out of the strike zone very quickly, especially if you retrieve any faster than ultra slow. With the ShakinBait cast it and sink the lure down to your desired depth and start retrieving, the bib will hold the depth that you’re retrieving all of the way back to the boat which keeps you in the strike zone much longer, increasing your odds significantly. If you are fishing shallow under 2 metres you can remove the bib to fish the Swimbait shallow.

The ShakinBait is perfectly balanced with a slow medium sink rate, this allows you to fish without having to add chin weights to get the lure down, though we have included a chin weight eye in case that you do need to get deep. Adding chin weights to any Swimbait reduces the natural action of the lure, by not requiring a chin weight this is extremely advantageous as you don’t need to sacrifice the action of the ShakinBait with chin weights to get it down to the desired depth. The added benefit of not requiring chin weights is that it improves the presentation of the lure by not having unnatural chin weights hanging from the lure.

Save time and money knowing that the ShakinBait is fitted out with upgraded split rings and massive BKK 2/0 hooks so that you can fish straight from the packet. I haven’t found this necessary for my fishing but its worth knowing that if you would like to fish the lure ultra slow or ultra shallow you can substitute the 2/0 hooks for 1/0 hooks this will reduce the sink rate.

Murray Cod are getting harder and harder to fool which means you need every advantage that you can get, including matching the hatch down to a tee. Choose from a number of our natural identical representations including Bony Bream, Carp, Murray Cod and Goldescent.

Electronic circuit is water activated | Battery life: 40 hours Vibration: 2/sec loop | Ultra Dark LED: 100 flashes per minute Rechargeable: Supplied USB cable with alligator clips – red to the head, black to front hook eyelet.