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Popper/Stickbait Lures

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Popper lures are a staple in the world of sport fishing, known for their ability to mimic distressed baitfish and create explosive surface strikes. The bluewater orientated Poppers within this category are ideal for hard fighting species like Giant Trevally, Kingfish, Tuna and many tropical reef species and more.

The unique design of popper lures makes them stand out from other fishing baits. Typically made of lightweight and buoyant materials, they feature a concave or cupped face that creates a popping, splashing, or spitting action when retrieved. This action imitates the sound and commotion of a wounded baitfish struggling on the water's surface, effectively triggering the instincts of game fish.

Stickbaits are more slender in design, like baitfish, and swim in an erratic motion that imitates a fleeing bait fish. They can be floating, sinking and fast sinking.

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Popper lures vs stick bait lures: what’s the difference?

While both popper lures and stick bait lures are popular choices among anglers, there are distinct differences in their design and fishing techniques.


Popper lures are characterised by their concave or cupped face, which creates a splashing or popping action when retrieved. They’re typically made of timber, foam or other tough materials to resist damage by large, toothy species and are buoyant, allowing them to float on the water's surface.

Stick bait lures, also known as walking or jerk baits, have a thinner, elongated shape and a straight profile. They lack the concave face found in poppers and are typically made to sink or suspend in the water column.


When retrieved, popper lures generate a commotion on the water's surface, imitating the sound and movements of a distressed baitfish. They create a popping, splashing, or spitting action, which entices predatory fish to strike.

Stick bait lures excel in creating a side-to-side, "walk the dog" action when manipulated by the angler. The lure darts erratically by imparting a series of twitches and pauses, imitating a wounded or fleeing baitfish.


Anglers typically use popper lures in a more active manner, imparting a popping or jerking motion during retrieval. This draws attention to the lure and triggers surface strikes from aggressive fish.

Stick bait lures are often used with a more subtle and finesse approach. Anglers employ a twitch-and-pause technique, causing the lure to zigzag through the water, mimicking the movements of injured prey.

Target species

Popper lures are particularly effective for targeting species that feed near the surface. They’re favoured for species like Barramundi, Murray cod, Tailor, Kingfish, and even large pelagic species like Tuna, Mackerel, Trevally and many reef species.

Stick bait lures are versatile and suitable for various game fish. They’re particularly popular for anglers fishing reef systems around the country targeting Kingfish, Various Tuna species, Mackerel, Giant Trevally + much more. Shop fishing tackle online at Hot Tackle — we offer fast and affordable shipping nationwide.

FAQs about popper and stick bait lures

Are popper lures suitable for saltwater fishing?

Absolutely! Popper lures are highly effective for saltwater fishing. They can entice species like GTs, barramundi, and even offshore pelagic species like tuna and mackerel. Ensure you choose saltwater-resistant popper lures and tackle appropriate for your target species.

What are the best colours to use for popper and stick bait lures?

It's recommended to have a variety of lure colours to match different water and light conditions. Bright colours like chartreuse, pink, and orange work well in clear water and under sunny skies. In murky or stained water, opt for darker colours like black, purple, or dark green. Natural colours like silver, white, and brown can also be effective in various conditions.

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Popper and stick bait lures are indispensable for anglers seeking exciting and successful fishing experiences. Whether targeting barramundi in the northern rivers, Long Tail Tuna off the rocks, or exploring the vast offshore waters, these lures offer versatility and effectiveness.

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