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Fishing Reels

A huge range of fishing reels online, available to ship Australia-wide!

At Hot Tackle, we’re proud to offer a huge range of fishing reels designed for anglers of all skill levels. From spinning reels to baitcasting reels, we offer high-quality options from industry-leading manufacturers including Daiwa, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, 13 Fishing and more.

Our team has carefully handpicked each reel based on its durability, performance and value for money. We understand that every angler has their own style and technique for every species, so we offer reels with different gear ratios, line capacities and drag systems to meet your needs.

Whether you prefer freshwater fishing in a serene lake or saltwater adventures along the coastline, our collection of fishing reels has the right fit for you. Find the best fishing reels for your next adventure online at Hot Tackle. We offer fast, affordable shipping Australia-wide!

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Our collection of fishing reels in Australia

From beginner spincast reels to advanced baitcaster reels, we’ve got the right reel for your next adventure. Learn more about our reels below, or get in touch for expert advice from our team!

Baitcaster Reels

Baitcaster reels are the go-to choice for anglers seeking precision and control thanks to their unmatched casting accuracy.

With a baitcasting reel, you have the power to precisely control the speed and distance of your cast, making them ideal for targeting specific areas or navigating tight spaces. They also provide superior line control, allowing you to effortlessly handle heavier lines, lures and bait, perfect for catching larger sport fish.

Baitcaster reels are the go-to choice for experienced anglers who value performance and finesse, making them an essential tool in any angler's arsenal.

Baitcasting reels come in a wide range of price points, features and sizes making them suitable for light line fishing for trout and bass all the way up to jigging and casting for Barramundi, Murray Cod and more.

Electric Reels

Electric reels revolutionise how we approach fishing, bringing convenience and power to the angling experience. With their motorised functionality, these reels take the strain out of reeling in heavy catches. This makes them a game-changer for offshore and deep-sea fishing. 

Electric reels boast exceptional line retrieval speed and immense pulling power, perfect for deep-water depths and handling large fish. They feature user-friendly controls and programmable settings, allowing anglers to customise their fishing techniques.

Whether targeting trophy fish or battling bottom-dwellers, electric reels provide the strength and ease of use to tackle any fishing challenge.

Overhead Reels

Overhead reels are a popular choice among anglers seeking power and versatility and as the name suggests, are used on the top of the rod, unlike a spinning reel which hangs below the rod. This is an important factor as it will also dictate what style of rod you choose to match it to. Overhead fishing reels are designed for heavy-duty applications and excel in saltwater fishing, big game fishing, jigging and trolling. 

With their robust construction and high line capacity, overhead reels can handle larger fish species and withstand the rigours of offshore angling. They offer excellent control and leverage, allowing for precise bait presentation and efficient line retrieval. 

Overhead reels often feature advanced drag systems for smooth and reliable performance during intense fights. They are often used by game fishing enthusiasts for species like Kingfish, Tuna and Marlin.

Spin Reels

Spin reels (also known as spinning or eggbeater reels) are a versatile choice for anglers of all skill levels. These reels are easy to use, making them an excellent option for beginners and casual anglers - these days, spin reels are the most popular style of reel on the market 

With their open-face design and fixed spool, spinning reels offer hassle-free casting and excellent line control. They are highly adaptable to various fishing techniques, including freshwater, estuary and offshore fishing. Spinning reels are known for their smooth and reliable drag systems, enabling anglers to effectively battle and land a wide range of fish species.

Spinning reels are hung from the bottom of the fishing rod, making it important you select the correct style of rod for use with these reels. 

Spincast Reels

Spincast reels, unlike their close neighbour “spinning” reels, are used on top of the rod, typically a small baitcaster type rod, are the perfect choice for anglers looking for simplicity. These reels are designed with a closed face and a simple push-button mechanism, making them incredibly beginner-friendly and ideal for kiddies to begin their fishing career. 

Spincast reels are known for their tangle-free operation, allowing for hassle-free casting and minimal line tangling. They are ideal for lighter fishing applications, such as freshwater fishing and targeting smaller fish species. Spincast reels offer excellent control and accuracy, making them a popular choice for anglers of all ages. 

With their straightforward design and user-friendly features, spincast reels are a great starting point for those new to fishing or looking for a hassle-free angling experience..

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Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, having the right fishing reel can make all the difference in your fishing adventures. From the precision and control of a baitcaster reel to the convenience and power of electric reels, we cater to every angler's needs!

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