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Designed to mimic the swimming action of live baitfish, swimbaits, glide baits and wakebaits effectively trigger fish’s predatory instincts and entice them to strike. With various sizes, colours, and shapes available, swimbaits are a versatile option for anglers of all skill levels! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our swimbait selection has something for everyone.

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The benefits of using swimbaits

Never used swimbait or wakebait before? There are a few key benefits you might be missing out on, like:

  • Attractive to predatory fish: Swimbaits are designed to offer realistic swimming action, making them very attractive to predatory fish species like Murray Cod, Barramundi, Mulloway and XL Flathead. These fish are naturally drawn to the movement of prey in the water, and swimbaits can effectively trigger their predatory instincts.
  • Versatile: Swimbaits come in a wide range of sizes, colours, and shapes, making them adaptable to various fishing environments. Anglers can experiment with different colours and styles to find what works best in different conditions.
  • Can be fished at different depths: Swimbaits can be fished at different depths in the water column, making them a great option for targeting fish holding at various light penetration levels. Some swimbaits are designed to sink quickly to deeper depths, while others are designed to be retrieved slowly near the surface.
  • Durable: Many swimbaits are made from durable materials, such as soft plastic or hard plastic, making them resistant to teeth damage and sharp objects in the water. Swimbait lures often have a hard body with soft plastic details to mimic the appearance of baitfish. Their tough plastic bodies help them last longer than natural baits and allow them to be used for multiple fishing trips.

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Fishing with swimbait vs natural bait

Fishing with swimbaits and natural baits each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of fish you're targeting and the conditions you're fishing in.

Anglers often use swimbaits when targeting larger predatory fish like Murray cod, BIG barramundi, XL flathead, Mulloway [jewfish] and even kingfish.

Live bait can sometimes be more attractive to fish over an artificial lure, particularly in freshwater environments, as it smells and tastes like something the fish are used to eating. However, natural bait can also be more difficult to work with than swimbaits, as it requires refrigeration, preparation and can be messy.

Ultimately, the choice between swimbaits and live bait comes down to personal preference, the type of fish you're targeting, and your fishing conditions. But if you want the challenge and thrill of hooking and landing an oversize fish, targeting the species above with swim/glide/wakebaits then Hot Tackle is the one stop for your needs.

How to choose the right swimbait lures for your needs

Here are some tips to help choose the right swimbait:

  • Consider the size of the swimbait: The size should match the size of the fish you're targeting, e.g. a larger swimbait will be more effective if you're targeting larger game fish, and a smaller swimbait will be a better option if you're targeting smaller fish.
  • Think about the colour: The colour of the swimbait should match the type of baitfish in the area. In clear water, choose a natural colour that resembles the local baitfish. Brighter colours in stained or murky water can help the swimbait stand out and attract fish.
  • Consider the shape and size: The swimbait should match the type of baitfish in the area and the species you are targeting. Predatory species can be bait size selective, for example Jewfish are likely to want a bigger bait like mullet, while XL flathead may be hunting whiting or small bream. Murray Cod have huge mouths and will take big baits. Look for shapes that mimic carp, yellowbelly or freshwater herring.
  • Determine the action: The action refers to how it moves in the water. Some swimbaits are designed to sink quickly and move erratically while others are designed to swim smoothly and steadily. Choose a swimbait with an action that mimics the natural movement of the baitfish in the area.
  • Check the water conditions and location: The water conditions, like temperature and clarity, can affect how well a swimbait works. Choose a swimbait designed to work well in the specific conditions you'll be fishing in. Tide and current can also be a determining factor for where you fish. River breakwalls, beach gutters or areas where the water is “eddying”. Don’t overlook shallow points in dams, structure/snaggy areas or anywhere you think a fish may be sitting waiting for that opportunity to grab a bite! Location is also vital to success. Target rock walls, river runout areas, sand flat drop-offs, reef weed edges or snaggy areas in freshwater, or obvious signs of activity around bait schools. Success with swim baits will come as you develop your skills in knowing when and where fish are likely to be holding at given times in the day or tide cycle.

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