Bone Espybarra 176F Lure


The Bone Espybarra 176F is a multi-function floating glide bait constructed from extremely durable ABS plastic. It features a mid-joint section and comes with three interchangeable tail types that produce different swimming actions.

Product Specs

Bone Espybarra 176F176mm61g6

The default glide tail gives the Espybarra a wide side to side action most anglers are familiar with in glide baits. The extended paddle tail changes the action to a more subtle side to side wobble with an enticing paddle at the end of the tail to trigger strikes. The Fluke tail gives the Espybarra the widest side to side sway when you need to get the most action in the shortest distance. The tails are easily interchanged by pulling the tails downwards.

The Espybarra 176F is also versatile when it comes to buoyancy with a chin weight eyelet fitted so anglers can add as much or as little weight as they like to reach the depths they need. The Espybarra is so realistic, you’ll think it’s a real baby barra and at 176mm long and 61g in weight, it can be cast and fished off just about any set up you like for barra, cod or flathead.