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Effective jigs at affordable prices — find the ideal addition to your tackle box here!

At Hot Tackle, we’re more than just a fishing store — we’re lifelong fishing enthusiasts who have spent countless hours on the water, honing our skills and testing various lures. From our experience, we’ve created a collection of jigging lures that embody the perfect balance of craftsmanship, cutting-edge design, and irresistible appeal — all to revolutionise your approach to angling.

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The benefits of utilising jigs for your next fishing trip

If you’re obsessed with fishing, jigging lures are a must-have for your tackle box. Using a metal jig offers a multitude of benefits that can enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of a successful catch.

  • Attractiveness: Jigging lures are designed to mimic the movement and appearance of natural prey, making them highly enticing to fish. Their aggressive action, realistic colours, and attractive profiles make them irresistible targets for predators, triggering their instinct to strike.
  • Depth Control: One of the biggest advantages of jigging lures is their ability to fish at different depths. By adjusting the weight of the lure and varying your retrieval technique, you can target fish at different depths in the water column, from shallow areas to deeper structures.
  • Active Presentation: Unlike other fishing techniques, jigging involves actively working the lure by imparting various movements, jerks, twitches, and pauses. This dynamic presentation can trigger aggressive strikes from fish actively searching for prey, leading to more hookups and thrilling battles.
  • Adaptability: Jigging lures come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and weights, allowing you to adapt to different fishing conditions and target species. A jigging lure can give you access to saltwater species in various locations such as reef edges, wonky holes, sea-mounts and pinnacles chasing species like snapper, kingfish, emperor, coral trout and many more.
  • Increased Hookup Rates: Jig lures are designed with sharp, sturdy hooks that improve your chances of hooking and landing fish. The hook positioning and design minimise the risk of fish throwing the lure during the fight, ensuring a higher hookup rate and greater success on the water.
  • Learning Opportunities: Jigging requires technique and skill, making it an engaging and rewarding fishing method. Using jigging lures allows you to develop your angling skills, learn new techniques like micro jigging, learn how different presentations affect fish behaviour, and expand your understanding of underwater dynamics.
  • Rigging: Many saltwater jigs come unrigged, that is you will need to buy split rings, assist rigs and possibly specific tools to build your saltwater jig arsenal. The Hot Tackle website covers all the items required to get you ready to “jig the deep”, or speak to one of our staff for assistance on what fits what.

Incorporating jigging lures into your fishing arsenal opens up a world of possibilities and increases your chances of reeling in trophy-sized fish. Their versatility, attractiveness, precision targeting, and adaptability make them indispensable tools for anglers looking to elevate their fishing game!

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