Little Jack Metal Addict Zero Jig – 20 Grams


These Little Jack Metal Addict Zero Jigs resemble baitfish so closely predators won’t know the difference. The Metal Addict Zero is super realistic with a non spinning flat blade, designed to have small pulling resistance, brisk swimming action, centre balanced and shines in the water.

Product Specs


Metal Addict type Zero, a model that puts even more attention to modeling and silhouette into the Metal Addict series, which is characterized by well-crafted modeling, real form, and finish, is now available.
The thickness and form of a realistic bait are injected with center balance center of gravity, horizontal fall, and action that supports fast retrieve. In addition, a non-rotating “flat blade” that generates flushing and live water flow is adopted as standard. The flat blade flushes with water flow and action without spinning for sharp pulling resistance. Also, because it does not use a rolling swivel, it has an excellent sense of unity with the body. The rear entanglement double assist hook that corresponds to the bite to the blade and the chase bite is made by BKK.