Jackall Maekon 180SF


The Jackall Maekon 180SF is the latest jointed swimbait in the Jackall line up this new lure has an amazing action and is going to be deadly on Murray cod.

Product Specs


MONO Flex Joint System

By increasing the degree of freedom of the front body, action response is dramatically improved, and a staggered roll action in which the rear body takes action with a delay and pin spot invitations are realized. Also, I got a lively action during straight retrieve.

The invitation of the ultimate point

When you input an action, the front body starts moving with good response, and the rear body starts the action with a delay. The rear body acts as a brake, allowing you to lure at points with short travel distances. Pursuing a balance that allows you to set a wide area for inputting actions. It is designed to respond quickly to weak actions, and is difficult to break down against strong actions.

Straight retrieve

However, when winding, it produces a powerful wobble action with a feeling like a magnum crank. The monoflex joint system increases the flexibility of the front and rear bodies, resulting in a light and comfortable winding experience that you wouldn’t expect from its size.